January 4, 2019

Good Morning to All!

I wish to thank Andy, Cara, Luke, and Julie for their time on the Board. These positions are quite time consuming and sometimes can feel thankless. Maybe take a few minutes and personally thank these great neighbors of ours for their time and dedication to our community!

So as to remind everyone of some of the changes at our previous meeting, new board members were elected. Those new members are Rob McGauley as president, Janet Schukar as VP, and Laura O'Daly as treasurer. Lynn Andrews will retain the secretary positon. Dues were increased to $85 per month beginning Jan 1st, 2019. We will maintain the current billing on a bi-yearly basis but we would like your thoughts on what works best for all homeowners. If bi-yearly works for you, you need not say anything. Otherwise, please email me. We realize that a payment of $510 right after the holidays may be a strain on some.

Please make all future payments to our new treasurer Laura at:

23927 33rd Dr. SE

Laura and I will be out of town Feb. 4th to Feb. 18th. Please DO NOT drop off/leave any payments during those dates at our doors or under our mats.

WE will be holding our first board meeting sometime this month to get acquainted, discuss future objectives, and maybe even CC&Rs interpretations. If you have any concerns you wish to bring forward for us to discuss, please email me at

I wish to personally thank everyone for the opportunity to serve on our Board.

Thank you,

Rob McGauley

President, North Creek HOA

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Our Homeowner Association dues are currently $75 per month. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the dues will be raised to $85 per month, paid twice a year. The dues cover  landscaping maintenance, water for the common areas, and street lighting along our private road.